eCare Letter

Dear Billings County Families,

      We wanted to provide you with some information regarding our new eNurse program that we will be starting next week at each school. This program offers our students and staff the opportunity to see a school nurse for illnesses, injuries, or emergencies. A trained staff member will assist with the online system and the nurse will make a recommendation based on the visit. We are very excited to get up and running and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

eCare Services Statement of Service:

School health services are designed to promote and improve the health and wellness of students. Providing school health services assists students in developing and applying academic knowledge to help promote continuous growth toward becoming an effective citizen within our society. The eCARE eSchool program assists Billings County School District in providing basic emergency care for students and staff; assessment and referral for all students; nurse oversight of medication; essential health services for special needs students; and health promotion and disease prevention activities which address wellness across the lifespan. With the philosophy that "healthy students learn better", professional school nurses address the physical, mental, emotional, and social health needs of our students on a daily basis and work with parents and community partners to best serve these needs.

For more information about school health services, call the Billings County School District at 701-623-4363 or the eCARE School Health office at 605-606-0550.

 Please, be assured that HIPPA regulations are being followed and personal information is not being shared with non-essential parties.

Thank you,

Shae Peplinski