Billings County competes in interscholastic athletics both independently and as part of two cooperative agreements.

Billings County/Belfield Bantams

Winter Sports

Basketball (boys)
Basketball (girls)

Heart River Cougars

(coop with Belfield/South Heart)

Fall Sports

Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
Football (Boys)
Golf (Girls)
Volleyball (Girls)

Spring Sports

Baseball (Boys)
Softball (Girls)
Track & Field (Boys and Girls) Golf (Boys)

Coaching Staff


Head Coach – Tyger Frye

Assistant Coaches – Antwan Smith, Jerome Hoffman, Hunter Moore, Wyatt Fulton

Junior High Coaches – Bryce Wigert, Josh Smith, Jace Kocer, Hunter Moore, Wyatt Fulton

Girls Golf

Head Coach – Kirby Robb

Assistant Coach – Tom Meyerhoeffer

Boys Golf

Head Coach – Kirby Robb

Assistant Coach – Tom Meyerhoeffer

Cross Country

Head Coach – Lindsey Delvo


Head Coach – Scott Miller

Assistant Coaches – Rozlyn Cerkoney, Meg Silbernagel

Junior High Coaches – Jada Maher, Zoe Praus

Elementary Coaches – Jada Maher, Zoe Praus


Head Coach – Kurt Silbernagel

Assistant Coaches – Dustin Honeyman, Quentin Obrigewitsch, Bill Kessel


Head Coach – Colton Hill

Assistant Coach – Deana Lefor, Tyger Frye, Kaleb Kelly

Boys Basketball (Bantams)

Head Coach – Tammy Grosulak

Assistant Coaches – TBA

Junior High Coaches – TBA

Elementary Coaches – TBA

Girls Basketball (Bantams)

Head Coach – Reggie Fields

Assistant Coach –

Junior High Coaches –

Elementary Coaches –


Head Coach – Kendra Schillo

Assistant Coach – Lynette Silbernagel, Emily Henson

Call Mr. Jerome Hoffman at South Heart School (677-5671) or Miss Jada Maher at DeMores Elementary School (623-4363) with any questions!